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Bok Bok Salmon Supreme Sweet Potato / Pumpkin Soft Stick

RM 22.00
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Bok Bok Salmon Supreme Soft Stick for Dogs/Cats

Premium level Dog treats that are considered as a supplement to the their body.
• Made from real salmon fillets with authentic vegetables
• Rich in good quality proteins and essential fatty acids that are beneficial to the skin and body.
• Salmon contains essential fatty acids.
• Contains Omega 3 and 3, which help reduce joint inflammation in the bones
• Reduces inflammation in the skin area Make the skin healthy
• Helping the coat to be shiny and strong.
• less likely to lose than other types of meat
• Helps to nourish the heart and circulatory system.
• Without wheat flour, gluten, soy and corn, which are often mixed in sweets and other foods Resulting in abnormal dog digestive system
• Available in 2 types, mixed pumpkin, natural fiber Good for the digestive system Is a source of beta-carotene, vitamin A and vitamin C, which are antioxidants
• Mixed with sweet potato Is a natural fiber source Rich in vitamin B6, vitamin C, beta carotene and manganese, low in fat.

- NO Gluten
- NO wheat flour
- NO corn
- NO Soy
- NO coloring and odor

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